12 Feb 2014

Something a little different - Roo Beauty Professional Nail Art Case

Hello everyone! As some of you know I'm having a little bit of trouble this week as I'm caught up in the middle of the horrible Surrey floods so as you can imagine my mind hasn't really been on nail art! I have some manis ready for upcoming challenge prompts and am trying to catch up as and when, but as I didn't have anything ready for today, I thought I'd share with you my latest purchase that made it through the water to my front door today! I'd been stalking this on the Roo Beauty site for some time but when I spotted that it had made it into the clearance sale along with some extra free goodies, I decided to go for it :)

This is the Roo Beauty Professional Nail Art Case in Black Imperial. The dimensions are (H)145mm x (W)130mm x (D)250mm so its super portable and very convenient for visiting a single client, friends or when I head in to London for shoots etc, especially when I'm used to carrying at least the top section of this Mollycoddle trolley around (want a Roo one now by the way!)!

Anyway, back to my new toy! Inside, it has a sturdy foam insert to hold 18 polish bottles, and brush holders for six brushes in the lid. As you can see the lid folds over on itself to allow easy access to the brushes.

Next up, the contents! I received a set of five diamonte studded brushes, (including some flat brushes for one stroke, a fine detail brush and a striper), a set of five diamonte studded dotting tools and some zebra print manicure tools. These could only have been more perfect for me if they'd been leopard print, but I'm not complaining about zebra!

This final picture shows the full set - it is currently on sale here and was such a bargain! Not only is it great that its so portable, its going to help me keep my desk tidy (at least in theory!), as I inevitably end up with my essential tools and polishes out on my desk which I rarely put away into my big case as its fiddly to get things in and out - this can live open on my desk - yay!

So there's a little insight into my storage - exciting eh? And you also got to learn (as if you don't already know!), that I love bling and animal print :)

I promise that I have some nail art for you tomorrow, thank you so much for bearing with me at the moment - let's just say I'm not as much of a big fan of rain as I used to be. This is the park that runs behind my house - the day before yesterday we had this:

Today we have this:

I hope that everyone being affected by all the crazy weather in the UK is staying safe, and that we can look back on this as a distant memory with a Margarita in the summer (and with no hosepipe ban!).

Sam xx


  1. Loving the case. I'm in Yorkshire not got it too bad up here but I hope you keep the water out can't imagine what you are going through. I hope it all stops soon

  2. Thanks Roz. Everything is crossed! :)