13 Feb 2014

GOT Polish Challenge - Valentines

Hello everyone! Today I have a couple of posts for you as I have two challenge prompts due today, and as promised, I am trying to get back on track!

The GOT polish challenge theme for this week is Valentines (I cannot wait for it to be over - much as I love "love", I've had just about enough of Valentines manis now lol!), so I stepped away from the traditional a little and went for something that never fails to cheer me up, in colours that I have owned forever and have never got tired of, so its made of win from my perspective!

I started with a French White base and then added heart shaped leopard print using Jessica Purple Burst and Barry M Indigo. Super simple!

Admittedly I stretched the theme a little, but I am in love (get it? ;) with the colour combination and leopard print is still my nail art true love... The polishes are certainly old enough to qualify for the challenge too, even if this is my third bottle of Purple Burst :)

Check out all the other fabulous manis by following the links below and I will be back shortly!

Sam xx 

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