11 Feb 2014

Week of Love Valentines Challenge - Days 1 and 2

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of post yesterday - we are unfortunately caught up right in the middle of the Surrey floods and although I have had the nails painted, photographed and ready for a while, I just didn't have the time (or my brain in the right place!) to blog yesterday. I am determined not to get behind though and this is giving me some distraction, so I promise to try and make at least partial sense ;) 

This challenge is hosted by lovely Jessica from Be Happy and Buy Polish. We have five daily prompts covering all sorts of Valentine's goodies starting yesterday with "Candy Heart Sayings".

I decided to go quite literal, except with the sayings themselves, so my thumb and pinky are painted like the wrappers with French White and Ciate Cupcake Queen. My index finger has Models Own Lilac Dream as the base with freehand hearts painted using Models Own Lemon Meringue, Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau and Nail Essentials Classic Pink. I painted my middle and ring finger in Lemon Meringue and Take Me To Your Chateau and added the hearts and sayings "Love Nails" and "# Me" with a pink Sharpie.

Today's prompt is "Kisses" and I had already done a kissy, lovey mani on Sunday, so I'm cheekily going to use that one again. Only one photo as I already posted about this at the weekend, you can read about it here:

So, I'm caught up with this challenge. Things are changing here fairly quickly and constantly, but I'm doing my best to keep up! I should have some "Roses" for you tomorrow, but for now I need a beer and to disappear into the world of "Real Housewives" (guilty pleasure lol!)

Sam xx


  1. I freaking love it enough said!!

  2. How creative to use a tic-tac-toe board for hugs, kisses, and hearts! Love it!

    1. Thanks Nidia! I think I managed to cover every Valentines theme in one mani! :)

  3. I love both of these, and I think you deserve some beer & guilty pleasures after the stress of dealing with floods. Stay safe!!