7 Nov 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents "Your favourite colour" #1

Hello lovely readers! So today I bring you my first mani for the Nail Challenge Collaborative's November theme, which is "Your favourite colour". I guess that there could be a lot of interpretations but I have decided that I will pick my four favourite polishes, and use one of those as the focal point for each of the four manis.

I've started with my favourite colour of this year - Barry M Gelly Guava. I seriously cannot get enough of it. I love it for nail art, but equally, I love to wear it on its own (and its VERY rare for me to have plain, one colour nails).

So for this first mani, I painted my nails white and then added some irregular stripes using Guava and black. I added a little twist by mixing it up with a French effect. Et voila!

I painted these a while ago (before my nails betrayed me and had to be hacked back to little stumpy nubs), but as I'd done quite a few Guava manis, I held this one back. Luckily this is a perfect opportunity to show it to you all :)

Follow the links below to look at the other gorgeous NCC manis and I will see you all soon :)

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