6 Nov 2013

33 Day Challenge #20 - Based on a pattern in your wardrobe

Hello everyone! Day 20 of the 33 day challenge already - its flying by!!! Today's challenge is to create a mani based on a pattern in your wardrobe. As I mentioned before, this was always going to be a problem for me as I only wear black. Ever. My nails and hair (although that's currently black too!) are the only things that I incorporate colours into, and I didn't feel like putting plain nails up for the challenge. Cue helpful hubby! He's a jeans and band t-shirt kind of guy most of the time, but about a year ago I bought him a shirt which he suggested I use for this. Its from a company called Foul Fashion (the clue is in the name!) - I bought it as a joke, but it has backfired somewhat as he insists in wearing it out once in a while. Prepare yourselves - here it is...

I chose the red and black pattern on the front for my little finger (using Ciate Mistress and LA Colors Black Velvet), the collar pattern for my ring finger (the base is a nameless, sandy LA Colors polish, Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau, and LA Colors French White and Black Velvet). The middle finger is based on the leopard print on the shoulder (Jessica Blushing Princess, Ciate Fade to Greige and LA Colors Black Velvet), while the index finger has the floral sleeve pattern (Barry M Gelly Prickly Pear base, with Models Own Lilac Dream, China Glaze Spontaneous, French White, Rimmel Sunshine and LA Colors Wisteria). Finally I picked the tropical pattern on the front for my thumb (using Barry M Gelly Greenberry, Papaya and Blue Grape, with French White and Black Velvet). All held together with Seche Vite. Phew!

I added a close up of the thumb because I was realy proud of it and you can't really see it in the other photo.

So, disgusting as this shirt is, it provided me with so many options and so much inspiration that I almost like it now! But only almost... ;)

I'll be back on Friday with a mani to represent Europe. At this point I have no idea where to go with this one, but again its a theme with that inspires so many ideas, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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  1. Wow, that shirt! It's funny that your husband likes wearing it out haha. You did a great job recreating it on your nails! I think your thumb is my favorite from all the patterns (:

  2. Tell me about it! It made me feel a little bit sick just looking at the shirt long enough to paint my nails lol! :)