19 Jul 2013

Mint Manis for Talia

I was so sad to hear this week about the passing of 13 year old Talia Joy Castellano. Such an inspirational little lady who spent a large portion of her life battling not one, but two forms of cancer. Everything that she went through did not seem to diminish her lust for life, and the bravery that shone through in her YouTube tutorials and Instagram pictures should be an inspiration to us all. 

The last Instagram photo posted on Talia's page before she passed was of a beautiful mint mani, so to show our support for her family, and our respect for Talia's memory, many of us in the nail and make-up community are posting mint manis today. 

I have painted a simple glitter gradient. Barry M Gelly Greenberry with silver glitter.

As she says on her website , Talia was 100% Make-up Artist, 100% Fighter and 100% Awesomeness. My thoughts are with her friends and family who must be so sad right now, but who also must be supremely proud. I hope that they will see this huge outpouring of support and know how many people around the world have been touched by Talia's story.

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