30 May 2013

Tri Polish Challenge - May Day 4 (and 4 and a half...)

Hello! Its the final day of the May Tri Polish challenge and it has turned out to be the most complicated simple design I've ever done!

My daughter has been on her half term break this week, and so I have been doing nails for her and her friends. Last night she asked for stripes and polka dots to match her new maxi dress (she's only just 7!!!), which I did. Then I showed her what I had done for the last day of this month's challenge. She liked it but insisted that I do the same on my nails as she had on hers. She even drew a picture so I pretty much had to... ;)

Here's a pic of Scarlett's to start off:

She decided that I should do mine in reverse, using my red and blue for the month, plus white and gold. Much dotting and striping later, here is what I had:

I think they're cute, and Scarlett now gets to say she's a nail artist too, so they were totally worth it :D 

Just to show that I had other nails done (I even did them a while ago so that I wouldn't have to do any while she was on holiday - that'll teach me to try and plan ahead...), here are the original nails planned for Day 4:

So, that's it for May! Onwards and upwards to June! Next month's colours are red, pink and purple. I'm already working on colour combinations, but haven't finalized anything yet. Don;t forget to check out all of the other fantastic May manis :)

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  1. Although you had something pretty neat prepared, I think your daughter totally nailed it, so I'm glad you went with her picture.
    Awesome and pretty fun! love it! :D