3 Jun 2013

ABC Challenge - "J" is for Jessica

Hello everyone! So we're on week 10 of the ABC challenge already! When you say "we're up to "J"", it doesn't sound as long, but week 10?!? Wow.

So this week was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. I only started taking care of and painting my own nails about 5 years ago. Before that I wore full cover false nails to go out and painted the nubs underneath black the rest of the time. After 10 years of that my natural nails were weak and wouldn't grow. Anyway, I had a friend back then who worked at a spa and she had a fine collection of Jessica polishes. I went along with her and bought a few colours (using her staff discount of course!!!), along with Phenomen Oil and the Restoration base coat. 6 weeks later my nails were transformed - yay! And I had also acquired a hideous Jessica polish  addiction (not so yay)... I have about 100 Jessica polishes now - I stopped buying them a while ago (when I lost the discount option lol), but there are a few colours that I have bought since and a few favourites that I have had to replace over the last year. 

So it made sense to me to use some of my favourite Jessica polishes for "J" week! I started with Irridescent Eye, a stunning duochrome and added a flowery, lacy, abstracty corner detail using For Your Eyes Only, a deep, rich purple creme. I also added a little Casablanca over the top (described by awesome blogger Scrangie as "a sheer-ish black base with pink/blue/teal duochrome shimmer").

Here come the pics:

Obviously, next week is "K". I'm planning ahead for this one - I'm having a minor op on Saturday and will have one arm out of action for a couple of days (luckily its my left hand so I can still paint it ;), but think I should try and get ahead enough to give myself some breathing space at the weekend. You can check out all of the other awesome ladies taking part in this challenge by visiting our lovely host Erica's Facebook page. Bye for now! :)

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