21 May 2013

Crumpet's Nail Tarts Tri Polish Challenge - May Day 1

Welcome back to the third month of the Tri Polish challenge! Another month, another 3 colours! The chosen colours for this month are red, blue and grey. The polishes I have chosen for my four designs are Color Club Sheer Disguise, Models Own Feeling Blue and Barry M Gelly Paints Blood Orange (which is definitely red...).

Totally irrelevant, but I love the way the blue is peeking out from behind the red ;)

For my first go with these colours, I thought I'd do some simple flowers. Seeing as these aren't the most traditional flower colours, I wanted to see how it worked out. Plus I haven't done any flowers in the Tri Polish challenge yet :)

They look a bit like mod flowers! I think I like them, although they're not the sort of thing that I would normally wear on my nails... I won't have too long to think about it though, as I have to take it off and get on with Thursday's nails! See you all then, and in the meantime, check out what everyone else has done with these three colours! :D