20 May 2013

ABC Challenge - "H" is for Hearts

Hello lovelies! Desperately trying to get back into a working frame of mind after a super relaxing holiday and so far, its not really happening!!! I didn't have time over the weekend to paint my ABC nails for this week, so I've been on catch-up duty today! 

We're up to "H" already! I was going to go with "Holo", and I even did a couple of manis with Color Club Fashion Addict, but the holo effect just wouldn't show up strongly enough in the photos so I abandoned that particular mission! Instead I chose "Hearts".

I started with a base of LA Colors Black Velvet, then added a selection of hearts with a dotting tool. An assortment of hearts in LA Colors Metallic Blue, Green and Red on the ring finger and a single accent heart in the Metallic Red on the others, topped with Seche Vite.

I love how these turned out! I think they have a blackboard and chalk feel (despite all the metallic glitter!). I wasn't expecting too much out of this mani as I hadn't planned it out as much as I would usually like to, but I'm happy :D

I'll be back tomorrow with the Tri-Polish challenge (ready and waiting!), and hopefully also with the kick up the ass I need to get back to work!!! ;)

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