22 May 2013

A mid week glitter bomb!

Hello everyone - and welcome to the new followers, its great to have you here!!!

I was lacking in inspiration a bit today, which as it turns out, was great as I've come up with my favourite set of nails that I've done for ages!

As you can see if you follow the blog or Facebook, I've been really into my abstract lately (plus it gives me striping brush practice so I can afford to give in to it a little) ;) What I haven't been into so much is glitter. I had a glitter phase which finally exhausted itself and I've been avoiding it since - I decided it was time to get back on that sparkly horse. So, time to combine the previous and current phases!

I painted random sections of Jessica Blushing Princess, Models Own Lilac Dream and LA Colors Solar Gold on to my nails, then went over those (using a fine detail brush) with Models Own Magenta Divine and Color Club Sultry and Tru Passion. I let them dry a little and then outlined the sections with a striping brush in LA Colors Black Velvet. All topped with Seche Vite.

I LOVE these (can you tell by the ridiculous amount of pictures???) I've already had two people comment on them so I think I'll be doing a few sets of these at the weekend - my neck and shoulders are not going to thank me!!! Getting them off is not going to be fun, but luckily I intend to keep these on for a bit.

I'll be back with another Tri Polish challenge mani for you tomorrow :D


  1. Wow! I LOVE these! Reminds me of a stained glass window and a sparkly glitter dress at the same time :p

  2. love these - so different!

  3. This reminds me of a dress my mom wore in the 70's. It had a keyhole peep at the chest that showed to much cleavage for my young sensitivities. *gasp*

  4. Love them!!! Beautiful abstract and glitter is always fun :D