2 Apr 2013

Tuesday skittles - decisions, decisions...

Hello! Wow, the Easter school holidays are in full swing and I'm up to my neck in playdates. No nail time - aaaaargh!!! How many more weeks??? Lol! Not really, Love having Scarlett home, even if she does demand a personal nail art service on an almost daily basis ;)

Today I've been working on a specific colour combination that someone has asked for (the colours are to go with an outfit and they want something modern/a bit funky). I wouldn't normally post my test hands but I was so happy with how these looked that I decided to go for it!

The colours I had to work with were purple and light purple, black and white. Using Barry M Gelly Paints in Prickly Pear, Color Club Pucci-licious, LA Colors French White and Black Velvet, I created 5 different looks - leopard print, dotticure, floral, cloud and a kinda abstract French 60s curvy type look (I know, great description!). Here come the pics:

I've handed the pictures, and fortunately the decision making, over to the person with the dress ;) At first it was going to be accent nails, but its looking like we're going moving up to the full set! Can't wait! :D


  1. Beautiful!! I love the dots and flowers!!

  2. I really love how despite the randomness, it all comes together somehow!

  3. Thank you! I'm thinking of maybe hosting a one off skittles challenge, as for some reason since I painted these I can't stop painting random skittle manicures!!!