31 Mar 2013

ABC Challenge - Day 1 "A"

Hello everyone! So here we are at the beginning of another challenge! Erica at Erica's Nails & More is hosting an ABC challenge which runs from today until almost the end of September! I'll be posting one mani a week (Sundays) starting right now!

Unsurprisingly, we're starting with "A". I wasn't sure where to go with this - despite setting up a spreadsheet with all my ideas and using my already overloaded polish spreadsheet (!), I had trouble deciding. In the end I used a combination of all the options, which are nail art style, polish brand or polish name.

I painted an Abstract design over a base of LA Colors French Pink, using Sinful Colors All Mighty and Rimmel Pro Aqua Cool - how many "A"s can you get into one mani eh??? ;) I added silver accents with Nail Essentials Silver Shimmer. Here's how it turned out...

Its making me wish summer was here and I could go to the beach. Instead, I'm freezing with the heating on full and huge mugs of tea on repeat! I'll be back next week with my "B" nails - more decisions to be made... ;)

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