30 Mar 2013

Quick zebra nails and a first go at feathering!

Hello everyone! And welcome and thank you to all the new followers! This Easter weekend has been so busy but I found time to do a quick set of zebra nails using one of my favourite polishes, Jessica Victorian Crush, along with LA Colors Metallic Purple.

Then I popped out to the garden centre to get gas for the barbecue (we are determined to have an Easter barbecue tomorrow, even if it is still snowing!) and they had a craft section where I spotted some gorgeous feathers. I've been meaning to try feathering for such a long time but its one of those things I never got round to... No longer!!!

I took the zebra off one nail and applied a coat of Rejuvacote. Then added the feather while it was still wet. I then cut it to size and added another coat of Rejuvacote to finish. 

I can't wait to try a full set of these but it'll have to wait for another day. I'll also be heading over to Ebay to buy a whole lot more feathers in all sorts of colours and patterns - I love a new project!!!  I also may have just discovered what to do for my F day in the ABC Challenge! :D

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