4 Apr 2013

Cut-out rhinestone polka dot colour blocking!

Hello again! As you can probably tell from the title I had absolutely no idea where I was going with these nails when I started! I wanted to try a couple of nails with a cut-out effect, showing the natural (ish!) nail through the pattern in parts. 

I managed to achieve this fairly easily by sweeping sections of black polish over a nude shimmer (LA Colors Lilac Frost). It looked a bit plain and my dotting tool was to hand so I added some white polka dots (the plan was to add something neon over the white to make them pop, but as always I got distracted - this time by shiny things :)

The lines separating the nude and black sections were sharp, but didn't give the kind of definition I wanted to create. Luckily my desk is currently covered with tubes of rhinestones (a not so subtle hint from Scarlett about what she wants on her nails next!), so I thought I'd see how they worked out.

I am stoked with these nails! The baby pink isn't really my thing but it works with the black and white. I thought silver may not show up enough and all the other colours were a massive no... Anyway, here are the pics:

I think I'm definitely going to be doing more of this effect. Just need to replace the rhinestones for day to day, or they'll be pinging at clients, and more importantly, into my coffee all day ;)


  1. Thanks! They're so not "me", but I still love them. And I've already done them again for someone else this morning!!!