16 Apr 2013

Crumpet's Nail Tarts Tri Polish Challenge - April Day 1

Hello everyone! Can't believe how quickly April is flying by! Having my daughter home from school for the Easter hols is great fun, but I'm more tired than when I'm at work! 

So we're back with the April installment of the Tri Polish challenge! I'm so stoked to be taking part in this challenge - having to create different looks with the same polishes really does take some thinking about! 

The colours chosen for April were turquoise, pink and orange, so the polishes I have picked are Ciate Headliner, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Siren (ironically the same name as the Revlon polish I used for coral in March!), and Color Club Psychedelic Scene.

For my first design I decided to use all 3 polishes in a mosaic dotticure. I used a base of Nail Essentials Silver Shimmer (white, black, silver, gold and glitter toppers are also allowed!) and used a dotting tool to create the effect, layering all the colours. Here's the result!

My nails are growing out from a selection of breaks and other unhappy happenings, but this mani manages to make them look good again. I'm going to leave it at that and go and enjoy that light I can see at the end of the short nail tunnel :) See you all Thursday for April Day 2!


  1. wOw! This one is fabulous1 I do love a good dotticure! :) Beautiful one! **

  2. Oh Sam! How perfect! This is my fave for day 1 so far!! Excellent!

  3. what a great mani! you're dotticure is so amazingly executed :)

  4. this is so cute! i love it.

  5. This is lovely!! It's amazingly clean and the dots are perfect!!

  6. Ah that is so amazing!