28 Mar 2013

Versatile Blogger Award!


So today I was freezing my way around Legoland on the first day of the Easter holidays with Scarlett - nothing like getting soaking wet in a 4d cinema and then coming outside to find snow blowing straight into your face courtesy of an Arctic wind... We dashed for the doughnut/coffee shop where I tried to distract myself from the precariously suspended giant Lego mole 10 feet above our heads by checking my email, and found that Erica from Erica's Nails and More had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award! 

Thanks Erica, you (along with the sugar and caffeine rush) cheered me up tons!!! I really appreciate it and its great to have a reason to blog about something other than nails :)

So the full rules can be found here, but the upshot is that I tell you 7 fun facts about me and then nominate 15 other bloggers. Some of these things may not be news to some of you, but they're there just in case...

1. I am fairly indecisive when it comes to career choice. I have worked in corporate recruitment, been PA to the Director of a multi-national telecoms company, worked as a tattoo artist for 10 years, did (and still do) a bit of Marketing and have just qualified as a nail tech. I also work with my husband who is a film maker and we have a production company. Quite settled with nails and films for the foreseeable though...

2. I anthropomorphize everything. My husband is forever laughing at me for my ability to implant personalities into animals and inanimate objects. Today we drove past a field and I commented on how nice it was to see sheep and rabbits "living together". I also once ACCIDENTALLY and UNINTENTIONALLY apologized to a potato for dropping it on the floor :/

3. I'm a proper old school Goth. I've worn pretty much black only for the last 20 years. My parents have finally accepted its not a phase I'm going to grow out of. I like rain, H P Lovecraft, New Rock boots and Fields of The Nephilim. When I got married last year I wore black and we have black wedding rings. My only nods to colour are my nails and my hair, which is currently purple (although I reserve the right to change without notice), but I have pretty much chased the hair dye rainbow from one end to the other over the last 20 something years :)

4. I love my Xbox. Well, both our Xboxes. And our Wii. And PC games. And the DS. And unfortunately, Candy Crush on my phone. If I didn't have Scarlett, I would lose entire days to gaming. My favourite game is Borderlands (and the sequel). I also love all the GTA games - but I'm ashamed to say that my "real world" driving does tend to get a little more extreme after I've played - oops! Luckily, I can't play any of those games while Scarlett is around, so gaming time is restricted to evenings only!

5. I'm not really a TV person. But there are a few notable exceptions. I love Judge Judy, and almost all of the Real Housewives series (and Big Rich Texas). They couldn't be designed any less for someone like me, but I can't get enough. Wow, this is turning into quite a cathartic confession :)

6. I swear. A lot. All of the "f"s, "c"s and some that I (or the autocorrect on my phone) have made up. Obviously not around clients, or kids, but when its just me and hubby, or I'm driving, or I'm in my home office (especially when trying out new nail art or painting challenge nails!), its generally not pretty.

7. And finally, a nail related one! I painted over 30 sets of children's nails (with nail art!) in 3 hours at my daughter's school Xmas Fair last December. All those tiny nails, attached to all those fidgety fingers, meant that it was the most exhausting, but fun, few hours ever!

So all that's left for me to do is to pick 15 bloggers (I've tried not to duplicate any of the blogs that Erica chose - pretty hard lol!). I've done quite a lot of searching and I've discovered some blogs I hadn't read before that caught my attention as well as some old favourites - here goes:

1. NailGlaze
2. Nailphotos by Lani
3. Manis by Moore
4. Mavoreen's Lacquer Obsession
5. Paint Those Piggies!
6. iDream of Lacquer
7. Chansi's Mani Madness
8. Varnished Reputation
9. Polished Potential
10. Polishaholic
11. No Bottle Left Behind
12. Polish.The.Rainbows
13. Cubbiful
14. Closet Diva
15. Enigmatic Rambles

So there you have it! I'm off to tag all of these bloggers - then I think I'll well and truly deserve a large glass of wine. Join me and check out all these fab blogs :D


  1. Thank you for the nomination! But I've already done this and have it posted on my sidebar! :) (Mavoreens Lacquer Obsession)

    1. No worries! Its more about getting the blogs out there anyway ;)

  2. Wow, thank you so much for nominating me. How cool! :)

    1. Anytime! Look forward to seeing your post :)

  3. Thank so much for nominating me!:)

  4. You're welcome! Be sure to tag me in your post as I'd love to read it :)