28 Mar 2013

Crumpet's Nail Tarts Tri Polish Challenge - March Day 4

Hey everyone! Back again with the 4th and final day using the coral, purple and green for the Crumpet's Nail Tarts Tri Polish Challenge. To recap, 4 nail designs have to be created each month using the same 3 polishes which reflect the colours chosen for that month of the challenge (along with black, white, silver, gold and glitter toppers, which are also allowed). I chose Revlon Siren, Color Club Edie and Pucci-licious. 
At least one of the designs has to use all three colours. So far, I've used all three colours in the first three designs, so I've gone with two for this last one.

I love my animal print - no surprise to regular readers! ;) I've already done some leopard print this month, but couldn't pass up the chance of a clashing, psychedelic zebra print. Its a bit of an ouch on the eyes, but I've actually kept this on despite thinking I'd be taking it off as soon as the pics were taken!

One photo with flas and one without, just to show the lurid colour combination. It shouldn't work, and it doesn't. But it does... ;)

So that's it for March! April's colours are turquoise, pink and orange. I have yet to pick my shades, but will be back with my nails for the other challenges that I am currently involved in. To finish, here's a pic of all my March manis for the Tri Polish challenge - 3 colours, 4 looks! :)

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