11 Mar 2013

A new challenge (literally) :)

Hello lovelies! I've been MIA for a few days as I've been finishing up coursework and my written exams - couple of weeks and I should find out how I did :) I haven't been this nervous since University (which were my last exams) and believe me that feels like a lifetime ago!!!

So, I was on the lookout for another challenge and lovely Erica over at Erica's Nails and More saved the day! The following challenge is getting started on the 31st March and works for me on so many levels. It runs for 26 weeks (yes, that takes us all the way to almost the end of September!), but its only one set of nails per week so really manageable. Its an ABC challenge and you can use a nail art style, polish brand or polish colour that starts with the letter that is assigned to each week. No acrylic paints and only small decals/stickers or 3d accents.

I'm probably a little over-organised as I've set up a spreadsheet to try and have it all planned out. Plus that way I can justify any polish purchases where I'm lacking in certain colours or brands that I'm desperate to buy, while still officially being really good at restricting the amount I'm buying ;)

What can I say but YAY! I'm looking forward to seeing who is getting involved in this one and seeing what we all choose. I fully intend to complete all of the weeks and may try to get a bit ahead of myself to take into account work, holidays etc. Drop me a comment here with your blog link or let me know on Facebook if you're going to take part so I can keep up with your entries! Laters!

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  1. YAY! I'm so excited! I have a list too, HAHAHAHA! I'm still missing designs for K, U, X, and Y :)