12 Mar 2013

An abstract purple Tuesday...

Hello again! After spending most of yesterday reorganising my polish spreadsheets, trying to pick out designs for the upcoming challenge and painting other people's nails, I decided that I desperately needed to paint my own! I'd kept the animal print mani on for a record length of time and probably would've held out for another day or two but it was starting to look a bit tired...

I haven't done a cloud mani for a while but wanted to do try and put a bit of a twist on it so had a look through good old Google and combined a coupe of the looks I saw to create this:

I started with a layer of Barry M Nude and then started the cloud part of the design with Maybelline Lilac Charm, the next layer is LA Colors Black Velvet and the last layer is Jessica Birds of Paradise. I then outlined the black in LA Colors Metallic Silver added accent dots in Black Velvet to complete the look.

I can't figure out what it reminds me of. Its got a Bollywood feel (imagine it in pinks, reds and oranges), and is a bit butterfly. Either way, I'm really happy with it :D

I've been playing with a lot of abstract designs which I'll be posting over the next couple of days. Some good, some not so good - a learning curve as always!!!

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