6 Mar 2013

Animal Print Mani-a!!!

So it looks like I've already pretty much failed with my "keeping up with the blog after the challenge is over" thing (oops). I've been finishing up my assessments and exams and had a few personal bits and pieces going on which have made the blog (and Facebook, and Twitter, and Flickr, and Pinterest...) fall by the way side a little. However I have still been painting my nails and have a ton of mani photos to share over the next couple of days. 

Today I needed cheering up so I went and rolled all my favourite things into one mani. If on doubt, animal print. And as one kind wasn't enough for this mammoth mission of cheer up, how's about two?

I've started using a base coat/top coat/strengthening system called Rejuvacote, so I started with that. From what I've heard this is the greatest thing ever so I'll be govong it a few weeks and reporting back about how good I actually think it is, and if I think it will ever replace Jessica Restoration basecoat in my affection (and that's a pretty tall order, let me tell you!). I then added French tips in Color Club's Gimme A Grape Big Kiss and added leopard print and a zebra accent nail using LA Colors Black Velvet and French White. I topped it off with Seche Vite (could've used the Rejuvacote here too, but I'm loyal to my Seche as a top coat) and although its a bit mad, it fits my mood right now!

Feel free to let me know what you think - I love hearing from you! And if you like my designs, please spread the word! Thank you :D


  1. Thank you! I think this is the longest I've kept a design on for months! All change today though... :)