30 Jan 2013

Neon Cartoon Nails

Back again! I fully intended to post yesterday but I worked on 3 manis for the upcoming February challenge as well as having clients. 

Soooo glad I did all that work yesterday as I woke up feeling awful this morning. Scratchy throat, high temperature - definitely something nasty brewing. Unfortunately, I have to be a brave soldier because I spent the last 2 weeks mocking my hubby and his "man flu" (only because I hate him being ill, but don't tell him that!), so I now need to pretend to be fine so he can't get his own back! I'm just hoping to be feeling ok for my birthday on Monday. In all fairness I'm getting too old to be this excited but hey, if it works... ;)

During my travels around Google looking for ideas for the February challenge I came across "Cartoon nails" by Nancy MC. W o w. They looked fab and I was desperate to try them, so after the 3 challenge manis and the clients I had a go and here's the finished product.

I used Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Siren along with Models Own Snow White and Black striper.

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