28 Jan 2013

A random ramble and Valentine heart nails...

Today is a mixed bag. I'm super excited as we're in the middle of redecorating our study (and restoring it to a study rather than a "dump anything in there and we'll deal with it later" room) and I'll soon have an awesome workspace with great lighting for my nail art as well as plenty of desk space for the business side of things. As we now run two businesses out of our home, it'll be such a relief to be able to free up the dining table for meals instead of having it covered in paperwork and nail polish!!! :)

I'm also doing a lot of prep work for the February nail art challenge this week - I have three challenges on the go at the moment. Erica's February challenge, my nail college's Valentine's challenge and a Tip Top challenge. Its keeping me busy which is always a good thing, plus I'm always trying to add new designs to my galleries on Flickr and Pinterest. 

Speaking of which, I posted a design last week and for the first time have seen people replicating it. I was wondering how I would feel if that ever happened and I'm totally stoked! However, when someone makes a tutorial video of my design using the same colours and technique (obviously lifted), without even mentioning FingerFood, that got on my wick a little bit. Still, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that, and I've decided to just take it as a positive (at least, I'm working on taking it as a positive... lol).

I haven't painted a lot over the weekend and have been spending a lot of time with my daughter who is struggling with school at the moment. Another meeting with the head teacher today meant lots of deep breaths and green tea to keep myself calm. I'm absolutely livid but managed to come across as the most Zen mummy they've ever seen ;) Unfortunately I only got another meeting at the end of the week for my trouble, but its moving forward (slowly).

So I was playing with Valentines ideas again. This is the prototype for an idea I have - the end product will no doubt end up looking nothing like this, but its pretty and has metallic silver so hey ho... :)

I used Jessica Feather Boa, LA Colors Metallic Silver and Barry M Gelly Paints Blood Orange.

And breathe... I'm in a champagne mood and I think I deserve it after today, so its bubbly time for Sammy. Laters!

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