12 Jul 2012

Organization at last!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I like things organized. To the point of OCD. I've been keeping my nail polishes in clear plastic crates but that has its own set of problems (particularly when trying to find a Models Own polish from an aerial view - they all look the same!). I'd looked at wall displays on Ebay and considered making my own (well, getting my fiance to make me one ;), but money and/or time and effort put me off.

So when I saw this I snapped it up. It arrived a few days ago but we hadn't found the time to put it up. Anyhoo, I'm at work today (and in a terrible mood thanks to my boss - more on that another time though), and my lovely fiance just sent me this pic, which has cheered me right up! He even put the polishes in for me (Ok, so I might reorganize them just a teeny bit - my bad) :D 

I need another one already to sit underneath this, but my polishes are now proudly displayed like a piece of art in my living room. I am ridiculously excited by this... :)

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