12 Jul 2012

Green nails! (and a shoe share)

Today is Day 3 of the nail challenge so the theme is greeeeen! I love green and thought I had a fair few shades, but soon realized that however many I do have, it obviously isn't enough, so I feel a shopping spree coming on :)

These nails didn't exactly turn out exactly how I wanted but my daughter helpfully pointed out that they look a bit "mermaidy" (gotta love 6 year old words!)

I used a base of Rimmel 60 seconds Sky High, with dots of Revlon Sassy, Sally Hansen Emerald City and Color Club Fly With Me. Shame that you can't see the glitter in the pic at all - still working on the new camera :(

In other news I ordered the shoes for my wedding. SO happy with these that I thought I'd post a pic - they're by TUK:

Blue nails tomorrow - have big starry sky ideas for this next one :D

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