15 Jul 2012

Challenge Day 6 - Purple Nails

This post is a little bit late but I'm still on target with the challenge! Beginning of the summer holidays for my little girl so a complete change of routine for for everyone is sending Sammy to the asylum! Still only 8 and a bit weeks to go! :/ Luckily Scarlett is almost as into her nails as I am, so we have plenty to keep us busy indoors during this glorious English summer (heavy sarcasm there for those of you currently melting in other countries!).

So today's challenge is violet nails. I have more purples than any other colour - they are definitely my worst downfall. I'm now at the point where I have to firmly steer myself away from the purples at the shops until I've looked at all the other colours, then I allow myself a sneaky one for being good ;)

The striping tape I ordered from Ebay also finally arrived so I thought I'd combine that with "Violet Day" give it a go (after 3 weeks of waiting for it to arrive from China I was desperate to have a go!), so here's my first attempt - not the tidiest, but as a first attempt I was happy enough...

I used Nail Essentials Silver Shimmer, Color Club Pucci-licious and Jessica Birds of Paradise. Unfortunately as with all my Jessicas, they're "on the turn". Still love 'em though :) 

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