16 Jul 2012

Challenge Day 7 - Black & White nails

I'll admit - today has been pretty much a nightmare from beginning to end. But I still found time to do my nails (therapy for me :). Anyway, I used the watercolour method but wanted to create more definition between the colours to avoid greying. This is how it turned out :)

I used Color Club Oooooo La La and LA Colors Black Velvet with a generous dose of Seche Vite as always. 

As I was having such a rubbish day, I went on a polish shopping spree to cheer myself up. I found a shop stocking LA Colors polish for 99p a bottle and they have all 72 colours. The quality on some isn't great but they're all workable and gave me the fix I needed :)

Here's my haul (and only 2 purples out of 16 polishes!):

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day... :)

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