20 Jul 2012

Challenge Day 10 - Gradient Nails

This was a day where I learned that however many purples you have, its never enough! Although I had a lovely mid "bluey" purple and a dark "bluey" purple, I discovered that I was missing a light one - AAAAARGH!!! Don't worry, that will be remedied this weekend ;) So I had to compromise with a more pink-ish light shade but I think it still worked. I need to work on my gradient work but its definitely improving!

The colours I used were Maybelline Lilac Charm (hate the colour and texture of this but needed the shade for a customer, and the customer is always right :), Color Club Pucci-licious (can you tell that's a favourite yet? lol) and Jessica For Your Eyes Only.

Photos are still terrible as I am still using my phone, but I'm working on that this weekend too...

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