18 Jul 2012

Challenge Day 9 - Rainbow Nails!

Ok, so this was my absolute favourite day so far by a mile! Following my recent discovery that I can actually use tape (yay!), I (with the aid of a drawing by my daughter Scarlett who's 6) decided to do a sort of cubist/Mondrian style (desperately trying to make it sound artier than it is ;) with rainbow colours. 

I used a base of Models Own Snow White,  Feeling Blue and Sun Kissed, Nail Essentials Classic Red and Classic Fuchsia, Color Club Pucci-licious and Revlon Sassy and Siren.

Scarlett loved it so much that she insisted I recreate it on her - not the easiest thing on "mini" nails and someone with "mini" levels of patience! But I managed to get 4 colours on to her thumbs and that kept her happy. She also likes reading this every day and has been a great help with the challenge so far, so today she gets a starring role :)

1 comment:

  1. Aww so cute :) I'm sure it's hard when they want to help and be part of it but they don't quite have the patience to sit through it ;) Love the design!