26 Jun 2014

The NCC presents "Black and White" 1 - Floral

Hello everyone! I'm blogging!!! As promised, I'm here with the first of four NCC Manis for June. Our theme is "Black and White" and there was no way I could miss out on this one :)

Starting with a super simple floral. I freehanded a floral design using All About Nails Liqorice over LA Colors French white with a detail brush. What I did do differently (and will always do in future!) is after the first coat of white, I added a coat of matte top coat before the second coat of white. Instant streak free white coverage in two coats - finally! I've seen the tip on Facebook loads this week so I'm not sure who posted it first, but whoever you are, thank you!!! 

I think it looked great as it was, but I couldn't resist the temptation to add in a splash of Jessica Purple Burst as I've just added some slices of this exact colour to my hair and now my nails match perfectly - win!

I have three more NCC posts for you before the end of the month, and I will also be posting an update on my time away from the blog, the realizations I've made and the decisions I've come to, so its looking like a busy week for me!

Hope you are all having a fab summer (and that winter isn't being too harsh on all you Southern hemisphere readers!).

Sam xx


  1. Gorgeous look! Thank you for the great tip...I'll definitely do that next time I paint my nails white!

  2. Great outcome! <3 I'm not good at all at freehand and I definitely need to improve my stamping. It could be a great alternative to try something similar myself :D

  3. Gah that pop of color just DOES IT for me! These are beautiful and totally "you."