14 Jun 2014

The Digit-al Dozen does Metal Day 5 - A vague Terminator 2 reference :)

Hello everyone! Here is as promised my final DD week mani (and its only a day late!)> As part of my month off, I've barely painted my nails, so with no preparation, pulling 5 manis out of the bag in a week was a big ask on top of working full time and prepping for our holiday! Still, I made it through (and rediscovered some of my nail mojo along the way) :)

This last one came about as I caught the end of Terminator 2 on TV the other night - you know, the bit where Arnie is lowered into the molten metal and, well, melts. I went for something to recreate that kind of feel.

I started with a base of Models Own Lemon Meringue and then sponged on sections of OPI Yellowpaloooza, along with Barry M Gelly Mango and Blood Orange. Once dry, I painted on sections of"metal" that hadn't melted yet using Nail Essentials Silver Shimmer and added a little depth to those shapes with LA Colors Black Pearl.

I think this is the most "fun" mani I've done all week (even if it does represent the death of a popular film character, besides everyone knows "He'll be back"...).

I still have four NCC manis heading your way during this month off, but I am still relatively active on Facebook and IG, so click through the icons at the top of the page if you'd like to keep up with my holiday antics, swatches and other manis I've been painting this month :)

Sam xx


  1. Very cool...I love the bright colors contrasting against the metallic!

  2. Fantastic mani....even though I never seen the movie!

  3. Excuse me, ma'am? Your silver jelly beans are floating in my tequila sunrise. :)

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