6 Apr 2014

Glitter Lambs review - prepare for picture-heavy sparkle!

Hello everyone! I have had such a busy, but super fun day in London. I live less than 10 miles away from Central London now (having lived in and around it for most of my life) but don't venture in much these days as I hate going on the tube and there are so many tourists (claustrophobia and anxiety made so much worse by both of those!). 
Anyway, my cousin (more like a brother as we grew up together and are both only children) has a most awesome flat near Old Street and we took Scarlett up to visit. My feet are killing me but we went around Old Spitalfields Market and all along Brick Lane, plus we filled up in GBK and had a great time. 

Obviously that meant no time to paint any nail art today, but I won three polishes from Glitter Lambs in Manis and Makeovers' recent giveaway and I have been waiting for a chance to show them off! I have swatched each one over a colour that I think compliments the glitters and then added a swatch on both a black and a white nail.

I'm starting with Unicorn Party (on the left of the above photo). It is full of "black stars, white stars, neon pink stars, light pink stars, silver slices, white holographic pink glitter nad tiny white hex glitter". This is just one coat over Nails Inc Baker Street and it really is like a party on your nails. The bottle is packed with glitter and it is one of the best glitter formulas that I have ever had the pleasure to use (this is true for all three by the way!)

And here it is over black and white:

Next up, we have Candy Land. From seeing the bottle I knew I was going to love this one, but as with all of these, I was worried about how it would apply. Again, I didn't need to worry and this is one coat over LA Colors Mint, packed full of  "holographic diamonds, neon yellow hexagons, red, blue, pink, purple hex in different sizes, and white holographic glitter".

And over black and white:

Last but not least , we have I Love You. This one didn't grab me as immediately when I first saw it, but the full on glitter bomb effect once it came out of the bottle won me over straight away! I layered it over black to show it off the most. It contains "red and white hex glitters in different sizes with a few scattered white hearts".

The black and white shot is a little redundant here, but seeing as I'd done it...

I've been a fan of Glitter Lambs on Etsy for a while now but have always been put off by international shipping costs. Its a lot to add on to an order for a brand I haven't tried before, but I can honestly say that having won these in a giveaway and tried them out I would have no problems paying for shipping in future and there are already a few in my Etsy basket begging to be bought! Go and visit their shop, it is a feast for your eyes as well as your nails!

Sam xx


  1. Excuse my language but, holly crap, the glitter explosion almost killed me. LOVE them! :D

    1. Thanks! They are the most amazing polishes! Super sparkle!!! :)

  2. Love your write up!!! All your swatches you did look amazing!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

    1. Anytime, it was an absolute pleasure! Your polishes are gorgeous and were so easy to work with :D