8 Mar 2014

The NCC presents "Untrieds" - Sugar Coated Daisies

Hello everyone! Today sees my first post for the Nail Challenge Collaborative's theme for March. I'll be honest and say that I wasn't at all thrilled when I found that "Untrieds" had been chosen. I don't have a stash of a gazillion polishes that I haven't even had the chance to swatch. I have been on either a "no-buy" or a "only-buy-if-you-need-to-replace" for what feels like forever (apart from my one indie purchase a month and Poundland - which doesn't count!) and I'm not yet one of those bloggers fortunate enough to get many press samples of polish (happy for that to change though!), although I've been very lucky with nail art supplies so far :)

Poundland brings you this first post - I managed to pick up 6 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat colours and am splitting them over two posts. This one features Sugar Fix (white), Sweetie (yellow) and Lick-o-Rich (black) and some simple dotted, textured daisies!

I actually loved working with these polishes and despite the textured effect, it was easy to dot with them. Forgive me for not editing out the "boo boo". I've taken to popping the watermark over it now its healed but these photos were done last week before I had what I am now calling "the watermark placement epiphany"!

I have three more of these polishes that I will probably be working into another NCC post and I have my March Indie feature polishes on the way too so they will probably be out to say hi! In the meantime, I'm off to look at all the other fabulous untried polish manis by following the links below :)

Sam xx


  1. Wow - these look gorgeous Sam! I need a trip to Poundland!

    1. They are awesome, and sooooo easy to work with! I have the red, green and blue which will be popping up on here very soon :)