8 Mar 2014

NAILS Magazine 31DC March Day 8 - Feather

Hello everyone! So far I'm keeping up with the 31DC and today's prompt is Feather. I see that one as being open to several interpretations, but about a year ago I did a "test nail" of a peacock feather and have always been looking for an opportunity to paint a hand full!

I started with a base of Maybelline Lilac Charm which takes three coats for opacity. I then painted on the "eye", the central spine of the feather and a few structural guidelines using LA Colors Black Velvet.
I filled in the eye using a combination of Barry M Teal, Color Club Fly With Me and finished them with a dot of Barry M Navy in the centre. 

Next I used a fine detail brush to add in the soft side feathers using Color Club Sky High and Fly With Me, Barry M Teal and LA Colors Morning Glory. Finally I went over the black lines to clean the design up and finished with Seche Vite.

I love these! I got to use so many of my favourite colours and they turned out exactly how I wanted them too, and how often can you say that about nail art? ;)

Tomorrow's theme is "Good Luck Charm". I've been using some fabulous nail art templates that AJ from Nail Lacquer UK has made available here, which have made me more ambitious design-wise (not sure if that's a good thing or not yet - watch this space!). They are great for working out design placement and three nail shapes are available. They helped me work out my nail art for tomorrow, so thanks AJ!

Sam xx


  1. I really love this nail art!
    You are soo talented ;)

    Xx Julia

    1. Thank you Julia! That's really sweet of you! :) xx

  2. These are lovely! I can't believe they are your first go- they look incredible. Though you do make some pretty fantastic nails all the time :)

  3. These are just gorgeous Sam!

    1. Thanks hun! Surprisingly easy with the right polish! :)