18 Feb 2014

FingerFood's Guest Posts - Miss Lanage of Lane's Lacquers

Hello everyone! Today I have another guest post for you, this time from the lovely Rebecca of Lane's Lacquers. I love Rebecca's blog, but am also insanely jealous of the fact that her nails and swatches always look so perfect. My "to buy" list gets longer every time she writes a new post ;) Sam xx

Hello lovelies! 

 Today I am very happy to be guest posting here at Fingerfood! After the trouble with recent floods, Sam reached out for some guests and I was more than happy to help! I'm a follower myself and feel honoured to be featured here, hope you enjoy my wee post!

 With the floods in mind, I wanted to do some sort of mani with water as a feature... A reminder of it's more beautiful side I suppose...


 I plumped for the water spotted technique, it's a favourite of mine! I first painted a coat of turquoise and then two of the sparkly 'Nail Junkie'. Next for the water spotting - I filled an empty yoghurt pot with luke warm water, dropped two blobs of black polish on to the surface and then sprayed my mixture of alcohol gel & water over the top. Once I had the desired spotting effect I placed my nail on to the surface and then whipped any excess out with a cotton bud before removing my finger. Finally, I cleaned up and topcoated.


I LOVE this glitter, it's so beautiful and over the turquoise, looks just like a gleaming ocean! That, together with the spotting are a little hint to the nice side of the water :) Pretty pleased with how it turned out, hope both you guys, and Sam enjoy my efforts too! Have you ever tried this technique??

Colorshow - Urban Turquoise, Sinful Colors - Nail Junkie, Color Club - Topcoat, Alcohol Gel/Water Spray

 Thanks for having me!

MissLanage x


  1. Thanks for your lovely introduction hun, too kind! :) made my day! xx

  2. This is gorgeous! I <3 Nail Junkie too, so pretty x

    1. Thank you! I think it's a must have in any NPA's collection <3 xx

  3. Wow! I have never tried this technique before but it looks awesome! Not sure I could make it look as good as yours though, great work :)