17 Feb 2014

FingerFood's First Guest Post - Brethil of Druid Nails

Hello everyone! As promised, today I have the first ever guest post on FingerFood from Brethil at Druid Nails. What I love most about Brethil's designs is that they're always a little different (check out her stitched border mani), beautifully painted, and there is a lot of humour in her writing! Sam xx

Hi all!

I'm Brethil of Druid Nails and I'm happy to be guestposting for Sam. First of all, big hugs to Sam. All that rising water... brrr. I am fortunate enough to live in an area surrounded by sturdy dikes. If not, we'd have a serious problem where I live *winks*. Half the country lies below sealevel, the Dutch know how to handle water (most of the time). Last week I was watching a programme on TV about the floods in the UK and an old man said they were waiting for 2 things: the Army and the Dutch. To help them out of course. And the Dutch came in that particular area with enormous pumps to pump away the water. Personally I can't help in that department, sorry Sam, but I am helping with a blogpost.

Polishes I used:

Yes, that is quite a lot. But I decided to go for a very cheesy Dutch mani... incorporating a lot of (stereotypical) Dutch things. Besides polishes I also used a few nail art brushes.

My base is Lychee, 2 easy coats. There are red tulips on my index finger and a piece of a wooden clog on my middle finger. This is one of the clog designs they used traditionally. And no, I don't own any myself, but I do love tulips. On my ring finger we have blocks of Gouda cheese with a little Dutch flag. And on my pinky a windmill, couldn't leave that one out obviously.

On my thumb we have a clap skate (Dutch word for it is klapschaats), it is the current type of iceskate used in long track speedskating. The only sport the Dutch dominate in... the amount of medals we won in Sochi is insane. I don't skate myself, last time was a couple of years ago when we had a cold winter. This winter it's been more like a prolonged autumn with rain and mild temperatures.

I hope you've enjoyed this little Dutch invasion of Sam's blog and I hope the water will drain away quickly!



  1. I really like this manicure!
    I'm from the Netherlands myself so it's great to see this creative nails!

    Xx Julia

  2. barry m lychee is the perfect base colour for this, it suits the theme so well :D

    1. It is a perfect base for nail art, it was one of the few polishes I had on my shopping list when I went to London last year ;)