6 Jan 2014

The NCC presents "Inspired by A Tutorial" - Chalkboard Nails' Black Widow

Hello everyone! The NCC is back with a perfect January theme "Inspired by a Tutorial". I'm having a hard time adjusting to non-festive manis and the design centre of my brain is apparently refusing to reopen after the holidays, so being able to be inspired by other people's awesome designs (while giving full and proper credit!) is a blessing! 

I'm starting this month with a Chalkboard Nails tutorial - this appeals to me on so many levels. It has texture, and black with red, and its full of Goth, spidery goodness :)

I'm going to explain how I did it, but click here to go to the original tutorial.

I started by painting my nails with Nail Essentials Classic Wine and then added five pieces of tape to each nail (apart from the accent nail), and added several coats of Claire's Accessories Black Leather polish. For the accent nail I taped off the top and bottom of the nail and added the black leather polish, but then I had had quite enough of tape for one day so I freehanded the side sections of the accent nail. No top coat on this one because of the texture polish, but here's how it turned out:

I've never done one of Sarah's tutorials before, but I'm glad I found this and had the opportunity to have a go at it. I've been a fan of Chalkboard Nails since before I started my blog and Sarah always has great designs on show.

So that's my first Nail Challenge Collaborative mani for January - follow the links below to check out lots of other tutorial based nails :)

Sam xx

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