5 Jan 2014

Happy Birthday Marilyn Manson!

Hello everyone! Another quick post for you today to mark the 45th birthday of my favourite musician. Its been 19 years since I first heard Marilyn Manson (showing my age a bit there!) and I still listen to his music most days. I've seen him live at his best and his very worst and cannot wait to see him again at Alt Fest in August. 

I've chosen the artwork from the promo of one my favourite albums, "Eat Me, Drink Me", and started with an All about Nails base in Licorice. I then added a glitter gradient using Color Club Art of Seduction to two nails and topped those with Seche Vite. For the index and ring finger I created the bloody "MM" logo by painting the design first in white and then going over that in Barry M Gelly Blood Orange. I used the same colours and method to paint the heart on the thumbnail. All finished with Seche Vite.

I think this design will be included in the stock going into my new Etsy shop soon, along with some other music-inspired nails, but I think I'm going to be keeping these ones for myself for the next gig :D

Here's the t-shirt and backdrop that inpired the design :)

Finally, for total fan girl overload, here's my Manson tattoo:

So that's probably given you all a little insight into my life that you had no desire to know about lol! It did still involve nails though so I've mostly stayed on message!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sam xx

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