19 Dec 2013

Tri Polish Challenge December #2 - A fuzzy floral

Hello everyone! Its that Tri Polish time of the week, and another opportunity for a non-Xmas mani! This is the second of today's posts - I actually should be posting three today but as tomorrow is quiet I'm saving my Xmas "Toys" themed nails for tomorrow :)

The colours for this month are gold and silver with colour accents. I have chosen LA Colors Metallic Silver and Collection 200 Hot Looks Shimmy Shake. For this mani, my colour accent is LA Colors Metallic Purple.

Its a simple floral pattern using the purple and silver over a gold base, but I love that the metallic polishes make it look a little bit fuzzy.

There are still two more Tri Polish manis due for this month, which will be up on Xmas Eve and Boxing Day (yay for scheduling posts!), but in the meantime I still have lots of Xmas nails to come and a few other manis to show you too :D

1 comment:

  1. Nice to see non Christmas mani for a change, lovely flowers!