16 Dec 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents "Inspired by Art" #2 - Rothko

Hello everyone! When this theme was chosen for December, it prompted the most interest my husband has ever shown in my nail art! He immediately told me that I had to "do" Rothko, so in some vain attempt to make up to him the fact that our house constantly smells of acetone and polish (both smells make him feel sick!), I felt that I should. I'm not a fan of Rothko really, but it looked like a good nail art option from a time and effort perspective too, so I decided to play good wifey for the day ;)

I found the picture (at the end of the post) of a collection of Rothko paintings and decided to choose the five that I had the best matching colours for. There's quite a long list of polishes on the way so brace yourselves!

For the little finger, the base is Color Club Earth Angel topped with Models Own Lemon Meringue and LA Colors Black Velvet. The ring finger's base is Revlon Siren, with Nail Essentials Russet Pearl and LA Colors Dark Brown (terrible name for a deep rusty chestnut polish). The middle finger has Ciate Cookies and Cream, topped with French White, LA Colors WIsteria and Models Own Nude Beige and Color Club Earth Angel. The base for my index finger is Color Club In The Limelight, topped with Jessica Sugar Coated Strawberry and Ciate Power Dressing. Finally the thumb features Ciate Fade to Greige and Jessica For Your Eyes Only.

Finally, here's the picture I chose my five paintings from:

The hardest thing of all was to go against my nature and let the outline edges be all jagged and not smooth, straight lines. I've spent so many hours practicing that it really went against the grain to make the edges "fluffy". Anyway, my husband liked them, so hopefully I've earned myself some nail art credit to use at home. I might even ask him to pick another artist for this month as long as he promises not to get carried away with something way too complicated!!!

I still have two more "artistic" manis to bring you this month. If you are enjoying looking at something a little less Xmassy this month, then take a look at all the fabulous nails by the other ladies in the Nail Challenge Collaborative by following the links below and I will be back with you soon :D

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