3 Oct 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents Halloween #1 - Spooky skeletons!

Hello everyone! Its my favourite time of the year again, and as always, I designate the entire month to be Halloween, rather than just the last day. So as you can imagine, I was glad to have the opportunity to bring you four Halloween manis this month as part of the NCC :)

I decided to start with skeletons as I've never painted them before. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with my longest nails at the moment (and they're about to get a whole lot shorter seeing as two of them are being held on by willpower and glue!).

I started with a base of LA Colors Black Velvet and then painted a white stripe through the centre of the nail. I dotted along each side for the vertebrae effect and added in some ribs, a pelvis-ish thing and a hint of jaw bone...

I love these cute little x-ray style skeletons and am really glad I had a go. They definitely say Halloween, but they're child-friendly. Can't promise the same for all my Halloween manis though... ;)


  1. Love this!! can't wait to see your other Halloween manis :)

  2. Aw, thank you so much! Currently deciding whether to get a bit more ambitious with the next one! :)