10 Oct 2013

NCC Halloween month #2 - Undead nails!

Hello everyone! I'm really excited about the nails that I have to show you today. I've been wanting to do some zombie-style, undead nails since the Nail Challenge Collaborative chose Halloween as their October theme and today is the day!

I started with a base of Ciate Cookies and Cream. This took three coats to get it almost opaque, luckily having it a little streaky underneath helped with the overall look. I then sponged on patches of Coate Fade to Greige and Sally Hansen Wet Cement to give it a cadaverous feel. I then went in with MAC Vintage Vamp (the perfect blood red) and overlaid that with some Red Leather effect polish from Claire's Accessories to give it some texture. Here come the photos:

I am totally in love with these. More than any mani I've done in a long time! I think I have decided what I'll be having on my nails for any parties at the end of this month!!! Now I just have to decide if I should keep them on to do the school pick up... ;)

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! The red leather polish really ties it together :)