1 Oct 2013

33DC Day 4 - Tribal Nails

Hello everyone! I'm a day late but I hope its worth the wait! I wanted to do some quite detailed Tribal nails so I waited until I had a spare hour or two today to catch up. All I wanted to do after the hideous day I had yesterday was play GTA5 and drink wine, so I did!

For these nails, I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Wet Cement, and then painted in black sections using LA Colors Black Velvet. I dotted over those sections with the Wet Cement, and then added in the black detail with a combination of Black Velvet and a Sharpie, then locked it all in with Seche Vite. Here are the pics:

I really love the way these turned out! And now I wish that I had done them on time so that I can keep them on for a bit longer (they'll have to go on my weekend list!)! I didn;t have time to clean up properly (the school run waits for no one) but I don;t think it detracts from what I've tried to do that much!  :)

Have a look at all the other fabulous Tribal nails in the 33DC by following the links below, and I will be back with some Mexican nails for you tomorrow :)

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