1 Aug 2013

Children and feet all in one post - you lucky people!!! ;)

Hello again! As I've been endlessly telling you all (sorry!), nail time has been at a premium with Scarlett home for the summer. Today I managed to paint my toenails for the first time in 3 weeks (totally unheard of for me), but what made me even happier was the fact that I've lost a little bit of weight, so nail art on my toes is comfortably achievable - yay!!! 
I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Wet Cement, LA Colors Absolute and Color Club Rebel Spirit.
Apologies in advance for the picture of my feet, I promise that this isn't going to be a regular occurrence! They're not pretty but at least the nails look cute :)

Obviously I didn't get away with both my fingers and toes, as Scarlett asked to have some new nails too. I did some cute ladybirds and flowers for her friend last week using red, black and white, and she asked for the same with pinky purple (LA Colors Wisteria) instead of the red. She is very happy with them, and now I have a procession of 7 year olds who can't wait to come over to get their nails done (if only they could all learn to sit still as well as Scarlett has)! 

So, a different kind of post for you today, but this is what I have been up to and I thought I'd share! Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to do my own finger nails very soon (I htink I'm actually experiencing withdrawal!), and I'll be back with a more traditional post. Either that or there'll be a kids' nails compilation coming your way very soon!!! :)

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