23 Apr 2013

Retro flowers - a 16 (!) polish manicure...

Hello again! Today is a two post day! I've been feeling a bit down for the last couple of days and decided to take a couple of hours out for a "cheer Sammy up" mani, despite the fact that my nails are all over the place at the moment. As always, making an actual decision on colour theme was proving impossible, so I decided to use all of them! 

Its a beautiful sunny day here (think beer garden kind of afternoon), and I have less than 3 weeks until I go on holiday, so I have plenty to look forward to, as well as a ton of stuff to be thankful for besides. After this post, I'll be in the garden listening to Spotify with a cold beer - guaranteed cure for being to much of a goth ;)

So, I'll start with the list of colours used... The base is Nina Ultra Pro French White. The blues are Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau, Models Own Feeling Blue and Ciate Power Dressing. Greens are Revlon Zealous, NYC High Line Green and Ciate Mojito. Oranges are LA Colors Spat! and Hottie, and Color Club Psychedelic Scene. Pinks are Color Club She's Sooo Glam and LA Colors Absolute and Pink Bubbles. Purples are LA Colors Illusion and Barry M Gelly Paints Blackberry and Prickly Pear. 16 colours, plus a ton of Seche Vite :)

Here's how it turned out:

So this kept me busy for a while, and I'm definitely feeling better. I love how they look! Lots of popping colours and a summery retro feel. How do you guys cheer yourselves up? I should probably find another coping strategy rather than doing more of what I do all day at work right? I'm bound to get sick of nails one day lol!!! 

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  1. WOW THIS IS AMAZING!! must have taken a while, but so worth it!!!