19 Apr 2013

Girly Girl Challenge Day 4 - Inspired by the Runway

Hello lovelies! Day 4 of the Girly Girl challenge! Good job I checked as I nearly posted about a completely different challenge instead - total brain fail today :/

Today's theme is "Inspired by the Runway" (or catwalk as we call it over here). There was only one design house I could pick - I have been a fan and a collector of Louis Vuitton pieces for about 15 years now so I couldn't really pick anyone else :) I started with as many monogram pieces as I could get my hands on -  they're still my favourite for luggage but the more prints and colours they've brought out, the more sucked in I get!

For S/S13 they showed the following dresses and I fell in love. I'm a bit curvy for the actual dresses (as in I have proper girl hips and big boobs) but the matching handbag and shoes on the other hand fit me perfectly!!! ;)

So I thought I would take my inspiration from this. I used High Line Green and LA Colors French White (which was yellowed a little by the green so probably wouldn't use this green again as I don;t have this problem with others). Here's the finished result:

Luckily I was so sure of what I wanted to do for this part of the challenge, I managed to paint it before I had a massive break (I knew my nails were on the turn so I'd already filed them back, but nowhere near as much as I should've done). It also meant that I could keep these on for a couple of days :)

Next week in the Girly Girl Challenge is Gotta Love Chick Flicks! This will be interesting and I'm going to have to do some research as I don't watch them and never have! I might have to find inspiration in the kind of flick that this particular chick likes to watch instead (uh-oh, that could be dangerous!). See you all soon :D


  1. great mani! :) it totally looks like the dress! :)

  2. They look so fantastic! Your nails not the dresses, mind you ;)