21 Apr 2013

ABC Challenge - Day 4 "D"

Hello ladies! Week 4 of the ABC challenge already, and we're up to D. There was no way I could resist the chance to do a dotticure! I went through a phase of doing so many dotty nails that I actually decided not to do any more for a while. I'm hoping this one won't get me started all over again!

I had some trouble settling on colours ! I wanted to use some that I don't use very often (if at all!) so I started with a base of Revlon Impulsive and added dots in Revlon Zealous and Siren and Color Club Oooooo La La...

I'm pleased I got a chance to use some of my Revlons, I was put off by the formula a couple of years ago but I kept a couple for nail art. I think I'm going to be using Impulsive a lot more - such a deep colour!

So there's D. Back next week for E. This next one might have to be a colour themed one as I have the perfect "E" polish! :D

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