18 Mar 2013

Neon Stripey French

My nails have a definite shelf life. They tell me  loud and clear when they've had enough. I look after them with oil and Rejuvacote but given our recent weather here in London, they're pretty much on their last legs. I'm gutted to be honest as they are about as long as they've ever been and I'm soooo proud of them (vanity is a terrible thing - not!). I know that I'm going to have to cut them right down and let them start growing out healthy again but I'm not ready to let go just yet!

To make them look even longer, I've been wearing a lot of French manicures - never just the standard (obviously - this is me we're talking about!), but all sorts. Today I was suddenly possessed with a need for stripes and having heard the scaremongering about neon polishes being banned forever (Noooooo!!!!!), I bought another from the LA Colors collection at the weekend (shocking pink "Absolute") and teamed it with their neon green "Mint" and Black Velvet over a base of "French Nail Pink" (another weekend purchase!). Here's how it came out...

It was super quick and is nice and eye-catching. I'm working on an Easter Egg mash up mani which I hope to post tomorrow - stay tuned! :)


  1. Wait, what?! Neons being banned?! Says who?! :(

  2. There have been a few articles circling the internet - some more scaremongering than others. The closest I can get to the truth is that the chemical composition of neons has never been approved by the FDA so in theory they can be banned at any time...