31 Oct 2012

Nailaween Nail Art Challenge

So, for the whole of October I have been working on the Nailaween Nail Art challenge being hosted by datyorkLOVES. Having not had the best month personally I'm really happy that I managed to at least complete the 10 entries on time!

Massive fail on the water marble as ever, but happy with all the others and promise to practice!!!

Day 1 - Water Marble. I managed one nail. Some may call this a fail - I call it an immense achievement! Stick with me, it gets better!!! ;)

Day 2 - Matte Doticure. I loved this one as it gave me the opportunity to use my dark green OPI Suede. I added dots in black, silver and clear, shiny top coat.

Day 3 - Bloody nails. I had never attempted a splatter mani before but thought this was as good an opportunity as I was going to get (Unfortunately now I can't stop doing them, but that's another story). White base with two shades of red for that CSI feel...

Day 4 - Mummy nails. I enjoyed doing these but have had to recreate them on the tiny fingers of my daughter and her friends so not so much of a fan any more lol!

Day 5 - Ghosts and Goblins. A ghostly French mani using the brightest orange polish in the history of the world (Color Club Psychedelic Scene). So happy to use it here as I don't often have such a good excuse to wear it so full on.

Day 6 - Frankenstein. For some reason the green on these shows very yellow in the pic - its actually a very grassy green though!

Day 7 - Spiders. This was something I'd been wanting to try for a while. One picture across several nails. My six year old daughter was scared of it until I put the silly face on so I consider that a job well done :D

Day 8 - Witches. I finally found an excuse to use my Color Club Glitter Envy. Another green that its hard to get away with every day, but is perfect for Halloween. I added some ruby slippers for that Wicked feel!

Day 9 - Pumpkins. This one is fairly self-explanatory! I tried to get as much detail in as possible and am happy with how they turned out.

Day 10 - Any Halloween inspired mani. As a Goth who never grew up, Halloween is my favourite time of year and I'm obsessed with graveyards (yeah, I know). Anyhoo, thought I'd go for a graveyard scene. This took forever and I'm keeping it on for as long as possible to justify the time spent! The moon doesn't show up so well in the photo but I used Jessica Irridescent Eye which gives the most perfect glowy shimmer!

So that's my contribution! As I said, I haven't been so active this month for personal reasons, but please see below links to all these fabulously talented ladies who have also been taking part...

Starting a new challenge tomorrow - really hoping to be able to be more "involved" with this one!

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