30 May 2014

The NCC presents "Skittles" 4 - A Pastel Skittlette

Hello everyone! Today I have my final May NCC mani for you. Its a bit of a win/fail for me as I loved the selection of Barry M Gelly colours I used, but the techniques don't really show up as different in the photos because the colours are so soft. Still its a lesson learned and it looks pretty so... :)

I painted all five nails with a base of Huckleberry before topping the index finger with a couple of coats of silver glitter. I then sponged Greenberry, Guava and Dragon Fruit on to my middle and ring fingers and used the same colours on my thumb and little finger to create the distressed look. I topped them all with Seche Vite to finish.

As I said before, I love the colours but not such a big fan of the fact that you can't see a whole lot of difference between the distressed nails and the sponge nails. The linear nature of the distressed pattern is a lot more obvious in real life, but these thing happen...

There'll be another post up soon explaining what's happening with the blog for June :)

Sam xx


  1. Amazing nails *__* love the colour combo and the outcome effects of each different technique!

  2. So pretty! I love the effects on all the nails!

  3. Interesting that the two techniques yield such similar results. Either way, the colors are gorgeous!